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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy can help people to recognise and understand long-standing difficulties which have recurring patterns that are limiting and troubling;  patterns that may have roots in past early experiences that are largely unconscious.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is unlike many other types of talking therapy in that it aims to help make deep-seated changes as well as relieve troubling symptoms. It is usually a longer term therapy which can vary in frequency of weekly or more sessions.

I offer initial consultation sessions where the frequency and length of therapeutic work can be fully discussed.

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Couple Psychotherapy

Most couples experience difficulties at some point in their relationship; therapy can help couples develop new understanding and ways of listening differently to each other, as well as recognising existing strengths.

Some recurring patterns of interaction in adult relationships have their roots in past early experiences and can impact the relationship, but be difficult to recognise or be aware of. Therapy can help each partner to understand how past experiences influence the quality of connection in the present and work together to make changes.

When being together has become marked by conflict, misunderstanding, and isolation, therapy can provide an important reflective space to safely explore feelings, and begin to understand and develop the relationship.

I offer an initial meeting via Zoom (free 15 minutes). allowing us to meet together before proceeding with therapy. I usually meet with each person individually first, followed by couple sessions; frequency and length of therapy can be fully discussed during these meetings.


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